The Future is Bright:

Opportunities for Solar Energy Dual Land Uses to Provide Ecosystem Services and Meet Sustainable Development Goals

A guest seminar from valued research partners at
Argonne National Laboratory

Wednesday April 12th
PES 3001

A guest seminar from valued research partners at
Argonne National Laboratory

Heidi M. Hartmann

Heidi Hartmann manages the Land Resources and Energy Policy Program within the Environmental Science Division at Argonne National Laboratory. Heidi’s career has been focused on the assessment of impacts of environmental stressors on human health and ecosystems, with an emphasis on stressors introduced by various types of energy use. Most recently she has supported Bureau of Land Management and Department of Energy projects assessing environmental impacts and potential ecosystem services from utility-scale solar development.

Leroy J. Walston, Jr.

Lee Walston is an ecologist at Argonne National Laboratory where he is head of the Ecology, Natural Resources, and Managed Systems Department within the Environmental Science Division. He has over a decade of experience in efforts to better understand and minimize the ecological impacts of solar energy. For the past 5 years he has been involved in several DOE-funded projects to evaluate the ecological and ecosystem service opportunities of solar energy dual land use practices. He also serves on several renewable energy advisory boards and working groups such as the TWS Renewable Energy Working Group.

Light refreshments will be provided, courtesy of the Wild Energy Center

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