Characterization of the Impact on Native Bees from Utility Scale Solar Development in the Desert

Authors:  Leslie Saul-Gershenz, Lynn Kimsey, Neal M. Williams, Thomas Zavortink, and Robbin Thorp

Institution/Entity:  Department of Entomology and Nematology, University of California, Davis, CA

Date:  01/30/2018

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Solar Energy Development and the Biosphere

Authors:  Michelle Murphy-Mariscal, Steven M. Grodsky, and Rebecca R. Hernandez

Book Title:  A Comprehensive Guide to Solar Energy Systems

Date:  05/17/2018

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Land-sparing opportunities for solar energy development in agricultural landscapes: A case study of the Great Central Valley, CA, United States

Authors:  Madison K. Hoffacker, Michael F. Allen, and Rebecca R. Hernandez

Journal:  Environmental Science & Technology

Date:  12/19/2017

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From butterflies to bighorns: Multi-dimensional species-species and species-process interactions may inform sustainable solar energy development in desert ecosystems

Authors:  Steven M. Grodsky, Kara A. Moore-O’Leary, and Rebecca R. Hernandez

Journal:  Proceedings of the 31st Annual Desert Symposium

Date:  04/2017

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Allometric equations and carbon stocks in tree biomass of Jatropha Curcas L. in Senegal’s Peanut Basin

Authors:  Ibrahima Diédhiou, D. Diallo, Abdou Salam Mbengue, Rebecca R. Hernandez, Roger Bayala, Richard Moise Alansou Diémé, Papa Madiallacké Diédhiou, Abou Sène

Journal:  Global Ecology and Conservation

Date:  12/20/2016

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Sustainability of utility-scale solar energy: Critical ecological concepts

Authors:  Kara A. Moore-O’Leary, Rebecca R. Hernandez, Dave S. Johnston, Scott R. Abella, Karen E. Tanner, Amanda C. Swanson, Jason Kreitler, and Jeffrey E. Lovich

Journal:  Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment

Date:  08/14/2017

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Solar energy development impacts on land cover change and protected areas

Authors:  Rebecca R. Hernandez, Madison K. Hoffacker, Michelle L. Murphy-Mariscal, Grace C. Wu, and Michael F. Allen

Journal:  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Date:  11/03/2015

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Efficient use of land to meet sustainable energy needs

Authors:  Rebecca R. Hernandez, Madison K. Hoffacker, and Christopher B. Field

Journal:  Nature Climate Change

Date:  03/16/2015

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Environmental impacts of utility-scale solar energy

Authors:  Rebecca R. Hernandez, Shane B.Easter, Michelle L. Murphy-Mariscal, Fernando T. Maestre, Morvarid Tavassoli, Edith B. Allen, Cameron W. Barrows, Jayne Belnap, Raul Ochoa-Hueso, Sujith Ravi, and Michael F.Allen

Journal:  Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews

Date:  01/2014

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Land-use efficiency of big solar

Authors:  Rebecca R. Hernandez, Madison K. Hoffacker, and Christopher B. Field

Journal:  Environmental Science & Technology

Date:  12/18/2013

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