The land sparing, water surface use efficiency, and water surface transformation of floating photovoltaic solar energy installations

Authors:  Alexander E. Cagle, Alona Armstrong, Giles Exley, Steven M. Grodsky, Jordan Macknick, John Sherwin, and Rebecca R. Hernandez

Journal:  Sustainability

Date:  10/02/2020

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Local energy: spatial proximity of energy providers to their power resources

Authors:  Madison K. Hoffacker and Rebecca R. Hernandez

Journal:  Frontiers in Sustainability

Date:  10/20/2020

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Integrating environmental understanding into freshwater floatovoltaic deployment using an effects hierarchy and decision trees

Authors:  Alona Armstrong, Trevor Page, Stephen J. Thackeray, Rebecca R. Hernandez, and Ian D. Jones

Journal:  Environmental Research Letters

Date:  11/20/2020

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Simulated photovoltaic solar panels alter the seed bank survival of two desert annual plant species

Authors:  Rebecca R. Hernandez, Karen E. Tanner, Sophia Haji, Ingrid M. Parker, Bruce M. Pavlik, and Kara A. Moore-O'Leary

Journal:  Plants

Date:  08/31/2020

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Restoring abandoned farmland to mitigate climate change on a full earth

Authors:  Yi Yang, Sarah E. Hobbie, Rebecca R. Hernandez, Joseph Fargione, Steven M. Grodsky, David Tilman, Yong-Guan Zhu, Yu Luo, Timothy M. Smith, Jacob M. Jungers, Ming Yang, and Wei-Qiang Chen

Journal:  One Earth

Date:  08/21/2020

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Reduced ecosystem services of desert plants from ground-mounted solar energy development

Authors:  Steven M. Grodsky and Rebecca R. Hernandez

Journal:  Nature Sustainability

Date:  07/20/2020

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Simulated solar panels create altered microhabitats in desert landforms

Authors:  Karen E. Tanner, Kara A. Moore-O’Leary, Ingrid M. Parker, Bruce M. Pavlik, and Rebecca R. Hernandez

Journal:  Ecosphere

Date:  04/01/2020

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Ground beetle (Coleoptera: Carabidae) response to harvest residue retention: Implications for sustainable forest bioenergy production

Authors:  Steven M. Grodsky, Rebecca R. Hernandez, Joshua W. Campbell, Kevin R. Hinson, Oliver Keller, Sarah R. Fritts, Jessica A. Homyack, and Christopher E. Moorman

Journal:  Forests (Special issue: Ecological Insights into the Sustainable Development of Bioenergy from Forests)

Date:  12/31/2019

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Building a Healthier and More Robust Future: 2050 Low-Carbon Energy Scenarios for California

Authors:  Max Wei, Shuba Raghavan, Patricia Hidalgo-Gonzalez, Rodrigo Henriquez Auba, Dev Millstein, Madison K. Hoffacker, Rebecca R. Hernandez , Eleonara Ruffini, Brian Tarroja, Amir Agha, Kouchak, Josiah Johnston, Daniel Kammen, Julia Szinai, Colin Shepard, Anand Gopal, Kaiyu Sun, Tianzhen Hong, and Florin-Langer James

Institution/Entity:  Energy Research and Development Division, California Energy Commission

Date:  03/26/2019

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Techno–ecological synergies of solar energy for global sustainability

Authors:  Rebecca R. Hernandez, Alona Armstrong, Jennifer Burney, Greer Ryan, Kara Moore-O’Leary, Ibrahima Diédhiou, Steven M. Grodsky, Leslie Saul-Gershenz, Rob Davis, Jordan Macknick, Dustin Mulvaney, Garvin A. Heath, Shane B. Easter, Madison K. Hoffacker, Michael F. Allen, and Daniel M. Kammen

Journal:  Nature Sustainability

Date:  07/09/2019

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