A systematic global stocktake of evidence on human adaptation to climate change

Authors:  Berrang-Ford et al.

Journal:  Nature Climate Change

Date:  10/28/2021

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Microhabitats associated with solar energy development alter demography of two desert annuals

Authors:  Karen E. Tanner, Kara A. Moore-O'Leary, Ingrid M. Parker, Bruce M. Pavlik, Sophia Haji, and Rebecca R. Hernandez

Journal:  Ecological Applications

Date:  04/04/2021

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Ground-mounted photovoltaic solar parks promote land surface cool islands in arid ecosystems

Authors:  Li Guoqing, Rebecca R. Hernandez, George Alan Blackburn, Gemma Davies, Merryn Hunt, James Duncan Whyatt, and Alona Armstrong

Journal:  Renewable and Sustainable Energy Transition

Date:  09/15/2021

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Solar energy development impacts flower-visiting beetles and flies in the Mojave Desert

Authors:  Steven M. Grodsky, Joshua W. Campbell, Rebecca R. Hernandez

Journal:  Biological Conservation

Date:  10/01/2021

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Scientific and stakeholder evidence-based assessment: ecosystem response to floating solar photovoltaics and implications for sustainability

Authors:  Giles Exley, Rebecca R. Hernandez, Trevor Page, Michael Chipps, Stefano Gambro, Matt Hershey, Richard Lake, Kali Stella-Zoannou, and Alona Armstrong

Journal:  Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews

Date:  08/31/2021

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Aligning climate change and sustainable development goals with an innovation systems roadmap for renewable power

Authors:  Rebecca R. Hernandez, Sarah M. Jordaan, Ben Kaldunski, and Naresh Kumar

Journal:  Frontiers in Sustainability

Date:  12/18/2020

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Do Solar Panels Mean Sunny Times for Saharan Mustard?

Authors:  Karen E. Tanner, Ingrid M. Parker, Sophia Haji, Kara A. Moore-O'Leary, and Rebecca R. Hernandez

Institution/Entity:  Dispatch: Newsletter of the California Invasive Plant Council

Date:  01/2021

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Letter to President Joseph R. Biden Jr. Request to Revoke Memoranda and Regulations Regarding Consideration of Greenhouse Emissions under the Endangered Species Act

Authors:  Katherine A. Meyer, Elizabeth MeLampy, Kassie Siegel, Shaye Wolf, et al.

Institution/Entity:  Harvard Law School

Date:  02/11/2021

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30 x 30 Inland Desert Letter to California Natural Resources Agency – Implementation of Executive Order N-82-20 (30 x 30 Strategy)

Authors:  Cisneros et al.

Date:  09/03/2021

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Desert Plant Response to Solar Energy Development: Trophic Interactions, Rare and Invasive Species, and Management Implications

Authors:  Steven M. Grodsky, Karen E. Tanner, and Rebecca R. Hernandez

Institution/Entity:  Energy Research and Development Division, California Energy Commission

Date:  12/2020

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